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If you would like to intensely experience the joy of movement,
to get your body and soul into a fresh and flexible shape,
if you would like to learn about an exciting, fairytale culture,
if you would like to disconnect from daily life and

recharge yourself with energy,
if you would like
to become a member of an open community,
where there is a positive attitude and a joyful atmosphere,
then COME to us to dance!


Our shows

Our next presentation's event is here!


Siddharta  - contemporary dance theater performance, 70 min.

The performance is a "Buddha story" based on Herman Hesse's "Hindu myth" Siddhartha is a story about a mental and spiritual development of a thinking person. The performance includes shadow play, classical and fusional Indian dances, martial art movement forms, Indian dance drama and modern dance styles...

Ramayana - fusion dance theater performance (for children and elders too, 60p)

The famous Hindu epic is about the exiled prince Rama and his exploits. His lover, Sita, is captured by the thousand headed monster, but Rama rescues her with an army of flying monkeys and takes revenge on the evil Rakshasas...

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