Meaning of Trigatu

"In the Rig-Vedas, the oldest ancient Hindu texts Viṣṇu (Sanskrit) appears as a mighty god who expands and creates the world by his three (tri) giant steps (gatu).Thus, he formulates a wide living space and hands it to the first man, Manu to settle on earth. Such act of Lord Vishnu is connected to the meaning of his name: “Pervading/Extending”.

According to the beliefs of ancient Hindus and Persians the notions of “step” and “territory” formed the same conceptual circle which is illustrated by an ancient common old Hindi word: gátu (the old Persian is gáthu), which around the middle of 1st century b.c. also meant “step”, “walk”, “area” and “place”. From this approach derives the concept that by “strolling” around a piece of land one can take it into possession. Relating to the ancient ceremony of founding new settlements by traversing their designated borders, the area was taken over. Based on these notions, the idea became plausible that the God of Heaven who created the world, the Heavenly Father extended (created) the Earth for the people by his steps.”

(Ervin Baktay: Indian Elves and Legends)

Translation: Gina Rubik (ELTE MA Media)